Indoor display plugs into any household outlet

UL/CSA approved enclosure at tank to protect batteries and electronics from outdoors

12' braided line to drop from lid of tank.

Easy Installation Instructions

1. Plug indoor display into any household outlet. Kitchen counter height makes it convenient to view at a glance.
Display will have a green background with Septic Spy logo, waiting for tank read
( next step)
2. Determine height of high water mark "A" in tank. This is the location of the zip tie. HINT: some people use their old dip stick with the mark on it. eg. 54"
3. Determine height "B" from high water mark to top of access pipe or collar at ground level.
Again, use the old stick if you have one
4. Secure the sensor line at the top of the tank so that the high water mark is suspended where you wish. (This can be adjusted in the future if needed)
Place the sensor box on the top of the access pipe,. It can be left loose or attached if preferred. 
5. Place battery in holder and your done!! Septic Spy takes a reading and goes to sleep. It wakes up every three hours and takes another read!!