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In my travels across the world, I often observed the environmental effects of humans. I realized the growing need for a way to conveniently and effectively monitor our septic tank levels, while also safeguarding against any harmful waste leakages or contamination. 

In North America alone, there are over 25 million wastewater tanks not connected to a municipal sewer system. Often these systems contain cracks and leaks, which can leach wastewater into fresh groundwater. This can pollute fresh water wells, and cause health concerns to the community and anyone affected by waterborne illnesses. Overfilled septic tanks cause similar health concerns when waste overflow occurs. Without a constant and reliable method to monitor holding tank levels, overland flooding occurs with the same damage as underground leaching.



Anyone with a septic tank knows the inconvenient trek to check your septic levels. You go outside, lift the heavy lid, drop a dipstick into the tank to do a reading, and make a guesstimate about your tank levels. If your reading is off, you run the risk of harmful and hazardous waste overflow, and embarrassing sewage being backed up. Not to mention, the extra expense of weekend septic removal, which can cost you upwards of a few hundred dollars.

I always likened SepticSpy to a product that offers a similar convenience, the garage door opener. Long gone are the days of arriving home, parking your vehicle, and straining your back to raise and lower the heavy garage door upon entry and exit. Just as no longer are the days of using a dipstick and guessing what your wastewater levels are, as we move to a convenient and simple to install product, with SepticSpy.




Designed for the need for septic tank monitoring and automation, SepticSpy is a convenient and continuous septic tank level reader. This remote monitoring system sits inside your holding tank and uses sensors to report the liquid levels to your in-house display every 3 hours. I created SepticSpy with Canadian seasons in mind, utilizing sensors designed to withstand temperatures as low as - 40 degrees.

This groundbreaking concept was recognized and awarded the 2017 Innovation Award at the Canada Farm Progress Show.


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